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Exercise 9.2: Configure a NodePort


I've got a bit lost at the beginning of this exercise. I'm not sure if I understood the previous one correctly.

In 9.2 exercise we are greeted with this message:

In a previous exercise we deployed a LoadBalancer which deployed a ClusterIP and NodePort automatically.

As far as I checked, the only thing we did in 9.1, regarding deploying services was:
kubectl -n accounting expose deployment nginx-one

Does this command equal deploying a LoadBalancer which deployed a ClusterIP and NodePort automatically?


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @ziemowit,

    The LoadBalancer Service type can be found earlier in Lab exercise 3.5.

    The command quoted above creates a Service of ClusterIP type, which is the default Service type.

    However, when creating a LoadBalancer Service type, a ClusterIP and a NodePort are also assigned to the Service.


  • mcdueerkop

    Thanks for posting this, had the same question and found the answer here.
    @Course Team: possibly consider going into more detail here.


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