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Passed LFCS


Dear all, just to notify you that i am a proud owner of LFCS certificate.
I have passed this exam on my second attempt, first time I was very slow and I was making stupid mistakes with typing paths instead of copy-pasting them, also anxiety was there, but second time I improved my speed, learned some additional things and managed to pass with score of 86.

Within few days I am starting preparation of CKA exam.

@luisviveropena Thank you for your help and answers on my previous posts.


  • luisviveropena

    Hi @marejovanovic , congratulations on passing the exam!!! I'm pretty glad you made it :)

    It's always a pleasure.


  • jbagnicki

    @marejovanovic Congratulations! 🚀

  • benjakh

    @marejovanovic congratulations

    any advice for us just beginning?

  • takamura
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    edited March 2023

    @marejovanovic Congratulations! 🚀

    What do you mean by copy/pasting path? Does it mean that you have the right to course resources or do you copy from the man page?

    How did you prepare yourself for the exam? Did you use only the resources from the course LFS207 and LFS211 ? Or did you use additional resources (youtube, github, or website plateforme) in order to practice ?

    I'm currently going through the course LFS207 and I find the course really theorical, despite having lab. I would also ask if there is a course or something as a tutorial in order to use the command line terminal for help, reading man page and so on... I didn't find it really deep about that inside LFS207 and we should figure out ourself by practice but in my case I'm not sur if I got it right.

    I use the following :

    man -k [topic/subject] #in order to search related command which can help me if I have a doubt 
    man -k [topic] | grep "[keyword]" #in order to do the same but filter the command, I use it if I think that I know the command or at least a part of it
    apropos [command] #same as man -k [command]

    Get info about a specific command :

    [command] --help
    [command] -h
    help [command]
    info [command]

    Get the location of the executable for a specific command

    which [command]

    obviously also use :

    man [command]
    man [number] [command] #number is the section/chapter of the page inside the man documentation

    Then I use "/" + [keyword] such as "-t" to search through the man page "-t" and in order to move forward / backward I use the touch "n" / "shift + n"

    If there is other way to find good help information which one did you use?

  • arochester
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    Have you noticed that the original post was made in December 2021? This is April 2023...


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