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Jenkins stand-alone vs Jenkins in a K8 Cluster?

I have question about the need or benefits of installing Jenkins inside a K8 cluster. Why exactly? Is this for PROD and CDeploy/CDelivery? Also, is there any advantages to doing this inside a Dev environment? thanks -


  • added comment - so I can see the High Availability design aspects of using K8...but even inside a Cluster we are still handcuffed to a Jenkins Active-Passive mode? So what is the upside to using K8 Clusters? In my company we never bleed Dev and Prod together, we cant, so on the physical side its gapped and has to be for our primary Clients.

  • Hi @mdwebber,

    When we start talking about running Jenkins on K8, we are really talking about scalability. So, some advantages are: autohealing, be able to run more builds (if you need them), and even load distribution.

    About the Dev environment question, you may need it as well for it, in case the number of builds requires it, as Kubernetes will be able to start more resources to fit the load.

    You can get more details in the official documentation:



  • Ty Luis for your reply.

  • It's a pleasure!


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