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USB-Device and inotify

I'm looking a solution for being notified about files and directories modifications using inotify or any other API when the files are located on a filesystem on a custom board which is configured as a USB device. My Linux is buildroot and deployed on a custom board. I've connected the board to a Host machine running Ubuntu. After creating the filesystem on the board I can copy files into the target board with no problems. What I would like to achieve is to get notifications about changes in files and directories on the Linux OS running on the board where the filesystem is located. For example is someone is copying a txt file from the Ubuntu host into the mounted directory I will get a notification on the target board.

What I've been able to do so far is to be notified that a change on the filesystem has occurred but could not achieve a specific notification about exactly what has changed. This is how I've accomplished that:

On the target board I've created a file based filesystem using:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/test bs=1M count=500

Then I created a file based file system out of it:

mkdosfs /tmp/test

Then I then started to listen to filesystem events (on the the target board) with:

inotifywait /tmp/test

Then I copied a foo.txt file onto the mounted directory on the Ubuntu Host side.

I then received a notification (on the target board) that /tmp/test has been modified.

What I want to achieve is to get a notification about foo.txt on the board. I have no problem if the final solution would be to get notifications about a predifined directory on the mounted filesystem if that would be easier.

Is there any way to achieve what I'm asking?



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