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Start Service or Script at user logout


Hello Community,

i am new to Alma Linux 8.4 (RHEL 8 or CentOS 8 like) and i want to user AlmaLinux as an xRDP Server.
For my Session Directory, i have a Python script, that is running at user login and logout.

My problem is:
The connection via xRDP loads the target user profile, so i was able to run my login_script.py at login by configuring the user home ~/.bash_profile.

At user logout from xRDP Server, i configured the ~/.bash_logout to run my logout_script.py but my script sadly does not run at logout from xRDP.

I also have a Citrix VDA Linux Client. This one runs my script at ~/.bash_logout.

I also tried a user Service for login and logout via systemd but without success.

can anyone help me?


  • ShuahKhanLF

    This forum might not be the right one for your question. Try RHEL forums.


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