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Tunneling on a Vps hosted in the cloud



When I try to open a forward tunnel on my Vps in the cloud, it works: ssh -p 22 -i mykey user@vps-public-ip -L 10000:vps-private-ip:80.
Then my local webrowser shows the page on the Vps when typing the address http://localhost:10000

But the reverse version doesn't: ssh -p 22 -i mykey user@vps-public-ip -R 10000:localhost:22
The goal would be to connect to my Pc at home from my workplace for example, or the opposite.

Any idea what goes wrong?
The port 10000 is open in the Networking webpage of the Vps, and in file /etc/ssh/sshd_config both ports 22 and 10000 appear.



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