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Lab7.2 Item17 Sending requests to the ingress controller using the POD IP? I don't think so.

Why sending requests to the ingress controller pod (and expecting errors in return) while what you should do is to send requests to the Service the ingress controller produces?
Also in the document version I am working on (V 2021-10-13) both pods running the controller have the same IP address... which is incorrect.


  • Hi @jcborras,

    For testing purposes, curl to the Pod IP with the desired header should be successful.


  • Chris,
    You are totally right. The request routing fails (as it has to) but actual requests to the nginx controller go through fine. A 404 is an error... but not an error actually ;-)

  • Chris,
    I take my previous comment back.
    When I curl to the nginx controller Pod IPs requests do get to the Pods (I get 400 status codes in return) but they are not routed to their respective backends.
    Targetting the Service exposing the ingress controller Pods work fine though.
    I find this behavior strange, after all a service just adds a level of traffic re-routing. Maybe the ingress controller (nginx ingress controller v1.1.0 does not accept direct requests?)
    In any case sending requests directly to the Pods has little operational value.


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