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How much time you waited for your LFCS Exam grading?

I have finished my LFCS Exam last 2nd December 2021 (5pm GMT) and not yet received my grading (today is 7th december, 5 days after finished the Exam).
It is supposed to be 24h only. What was your experience? How much time you waited?
(already opened ticket on support but not solved so far)


  • WarrenUK
    WarrenUK Posts: 70
    edited December 2021

    About 12 hours. Maybe check your spam folder. If it's not in there raise a support ticket.

  • Not in Spam Folder,
    also not in my Linux Foundation Exam Portal (message there is still the same: "Status: Grading in progress. Exam results will be released 24 hours after exam is completed.")
    Already opened support ticket TCCS-23362 and TCCS-24044 (no feedback on this one...)

  • Finally got my grading :)
    If anyone recording statistics: it took 7 days (Exam end on 2nd December 5pm GMT, grading on 9th December 5am GMT)
    By coincidence, grading came just 3h before finish my 1 year subscription time :#


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