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Lab 8.4 point 31.


In Lab 8.4 point 31.

"Add a LimitRangeto the namespace and attempt to create the persistent volume and persistent volume claim again.We can use theLimitRangewe used earlier"

LimitRange is not mentioned earlier in this document. so when is it used "earlier"?


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @opentokix,

    The LimitRange resource was used earlier, in Lab exercise 4.3. I am sure that by now you managed to locate the earlier steps where the resource was used by simply searching with the Find function through the PDF lab guide.


  • opentokix

    Thank you, of course not since the course is using embedded PDFs for som stupid reason, it's impossible to search thru the material.

    I just skipped the lab since it was very illogical also. I read thru the other comments on that particular lab and I agree with all of them.


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