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LFS268 - Updated course version now live (11.21.2021)



A new course version of LFS268 went live today.

The updated course is based on Jenkins X version 3.x. All examples and the labs are based on version 3.x. Some of the features of a new version include:

  • A helmfile-based approach for deploying the Jenkins X and its dependencies.
  • Use of Terraform for Jenkins X installation.
  • New improved JX CLI tool.
  • UI support.

As many of the old JX commands are deprecated in version 3.x, updated course is redesigned to highlight new capabilities of version 3.x.

To ensure you have access to the latest updates, please clear your cache before accessing the course.

Have a great learning experience!
The Linux Foundation Training Team


  • lbono
    lbono Posts: 4

    Dear, instructions from course labs are very poor.
    Something went wrong when deploying infraestructure in GC from terraform (maybe version problem).
    I can't deploy JenkinsX at all with the GH repos provided. Did you try it?
    I have just done the lfs261 course, and the truth is that I am very disappointed in the quality of the LFS268

  • HimanshuGautam

    Sorry to hear about this. Can you please provide details? What lab you were trying and what errors did you see etc.?

  • lbono
    lbono Posts: 4

    @HimanshuGautam said:
    Sorry to hear about this. Can you please provide details? What lab you were trying and what errors did you see etc.?

    Dear, can't deploy Jenkins X at all, I can't even do the first lab with the initial Jenkins X deployment with given instructions. A lot of pods keep in failure state.
    Even reviewing the logs the number of errors makes it difficult to debug.


  • manarabd
    manarabd Posts: 1


    $ jx verify install
    .. ..
    Checking pod statuses
    waiting up to 2m0s for pods to be ready

    jenkins-x-chartmuseum-79c9b8dcd9-ltvzb Pending
    jx-build-controller-7d8557d4c7-8z9rd Pending
    jx-gcactivities-27459900-j4pl6 Succeeded
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-2k9hl Failed
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-2qpc2 Failed
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-864ts Failed
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-k8ngr Failed
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-lptd5 Failed
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-mlkrr Failed
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-r8lhg Failed
    jx-gcpods-27459900-j4g7w Succeeded
    jx-pipelines-visualizer-c8f5f468f-r72nz Pending
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-68s8n Failed
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-cdjbz Failed
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-mr48g Failed
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-mrtxv Failed
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-sd8gn Failed
    lighthouse-foghorn-587c996d9c-jhk95 Pending
    lighthouse-gc-jobs-27459900-qc92h Succeeded
    lighthouse-keeper-9bbb54667-hvst6 Pending
    lighthouse-tekton-controller-6d58494845-2pdn9 Running
    lighthouse-webhooks-797f7469f6-hqdt6 Pending
    nexus-nexus-86559d8bf9-bsc2j Pending
    error: timed out after waiting 2m0s for the pods to become ready: the following podList are not ready:
    Pending: jenkins-x-chartmuseum-79c9b8dcd9-ltvzb, jx-build-controller-7d8557d4c7-8z9rd, jx-pipelines-visualizer-c8f5f468f-r72nz, lighthouse-foghorn-587c996d9c-jhk95, lighthouse-keeper-9bbb54667-hvst6, lighthouse-webhooks-797f7469f6-hqdt6, nexus-nexus-86559d8bf9-bsc2j

    $ kubectl get pods --namespace=jx
    jenkins-x-chartmuseum-7464ff7768-8988z 1/1 Running 0 13m
    jx-build-controller-85bc4f78bb-pnvh8 1/1 Running 0 12m
    jx-gcactivities-27459900-j4pl6 0/1 Completed 0 27m
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-2k9hl 0/1 Error 0 26m
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-2qpc2 0/1 Error 0 27m
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-864ts 0/1 Error 0 27m
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-k8ngr 0/1 Error 0 25m
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-lptd5 0/1 Error 0 22m
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-mlkrr 0/1 Error 0 27m
    jx-gcjobs-27459900-r8lhg 0/1 Error 0 27m
    jx-gcpods-27459900-j4g7w 0/1 Completed 0 27m
    jx-pipelines-visualizer-57d669f49-zbdfh 1/1 Running 0 12m
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-2c5vg 0/1 Error 0 18m
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-2gg9w 0/1 Completed 0 12m
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-68s8n 0/1 Error 0 23m
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-cdjbz 0/1 Error 0 26m
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-mr48g 0/1 Error 0 27m
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-mrtxv 0/1 Error 0 26m
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459900-sd8gn 0/1 Error 0 27m
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459910-wgzwm 0/1 Completed 0 12m
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-27459920-f66hk 0/1 Completed 0 7m53s
    lighthouse-foghorn-75788c7df7-rbg4q 1/1 Running 0 13m
    lighthouse-gc-jobs-27459900-qc92h 0/1 Completed 0 27m
    lighthouse-keeper-79fdb6b8d4-wkvpz 1/1 Running 0 12m
    lighthouse-tekton-controller-c6d78b59f-wngqv 1/1 Running 0 12m
    lighthouse-webhooks-584dcbbb7f-5k99b 1/1 Running 0 13m
    nexus-nexus-6fd5fcd755-jxxch 1/1 Running 0 12m

  • HimanshuGautam

    This seems to be related to the following Jenkins X bug:

    The fix should be out soon. Please keep an eye on this page:

    You will have to re-install once the bug is fixed.

    Please make sure to delete existing GSM repository on GitHub and create a new one by following step 10 of lab 4.1.

    General caveats for failing installations:
    1. Make sure your Github token is valid
    2. If you have changed it recently, please make sure to delete $HOME/git/credentials file. This will ensure jx will not use old cred.
    3. If you are running multiple back to back terraform apply commands, make sure to change the cluster name in values.auto.tfvars file in your jx3-terraform-gke dir. This will make sure GKE doesnot reuse the recently deleted cluster.

    Hope this helps.

  • HimanshuGautam

    To avoid the problem caused by Jenkins X bug, we are rolling back to the tested version.

    Here is what you need to do to pick the right version of Jenkins X.
    1. Delete existing GSM and GKE repositories
    2. Generate new repositories from these urls: https://github.com/LFS268/jx3-terraform-gke/generate and https://github.com/LFS268/jx3-gke-gsm/generate
    3. Follow step 11 as outlined in Lab 4.1

    Please let me know in case of any questions.


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