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Do the modules in the DevOps bootcamp build the prerequisite skills required for the next module?

Having recently completed the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp I was looking at building on the DevOps skills that were introduced in the bootcamp.
Checking each course that makes up this bootcamp and the 'Who's it for' sections
The last course Implementing DevSecOps (LFS262) in particular caught my attention as it states:

They must also know how to build CI/CD pipelines, write Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), run Ansible Playbooks, and understand observability concepts such as log management and monitoring.

I can see that pipelines are covered in the previous courses but what about the rest of the skills? Are these included in the previous courses and in significant depth to start this course and is there a particular IaC tool to know such as Ansible, Terraform or is a variety covered?

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  • luisviveropena
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    Hi @richiemcg ,

    DevSecOps builds on top of other courses and can be considered as the advanced level topic. You should take the following courses to build the required foundation:

    LFS261 - Builds foundation on CI/CD with container based delivery.
    LFS162 - SRE and DevOps Essentials - This is not a deep dive but builds conceptual foundation on IaaC. You would be able to take DevSecOps course as we do not use Ansible extensively in it. But you may have to learn the essentials of Ansible beyond this course though.
    LFS269 - GitOps Course can help to understand how to setup secure delivery with GitOps.




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