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Lab 4.8 - Running a job on particular time

Hi, I am working on

Change the settings so the pod runs 10 minutes from the current time, every week. For example, if the current time was 2:14PM, I would configure the job to run at 2:24PM, every Monday.

I couldn't find how to do it... Looked mainly here - any pointers?


  • Hi @styledaniel,

    In addition to the Kubernetes Job controller, usage examples of the Linux crontab can also help with the above exercise.


  • on this one I tired not to over think it. The ten minutes from now is not some automation task but rather so that you can test and have it run in ten minutes

    i agree… read the Linux crontab examples

  • tranthepq
    tranthepq Posts: 3

    The question is quite confused me as well. With crontab we can easily define a job run at every 10 minutes on Monday like this https://crontab.guru/#/10_**_MON. But, I can't find the way to run it in next 10 minutes.


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