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Office Hours - Nov 8 - Previous Week's Recording | DST Timezone Changes**


There is no recording for the office hours yesterday as no one showed up. However, here is a recording from the last week's office hour. Anyone who comes from Ops background and want to make a career in Devops/SRE, should definitely watch this recording. Its availble for next 3 days.

Topic: Cloud Engineer Bootcamp Mon-Thurs Office Hours
Date: Nov 2, 2021 08:56 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Meeting Recording:

Everyone, do note that there is a time change due to Daylight Savings since Nov 7th. Since we follow Central Timezone and conduct office hours during 9AM to 10AM CT, you need to adjust your clocks accordingly. For example, I have to login at 8.30PM IST instead of 7.30PM IST as earlier. Do take a note of this so that you do not miss the sessions.



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