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Lab 2.3 showing "worker" instead of "cp"


I have done exactly the same steps in my master node up to the command "kubectl get pod -o wide" of Lab 2.3 but the value under "Node" column is "worker" instead of "cp". What could possibly go wrong?
Also, I continued to Lab 2.4 and the describe command also gives me "Node: worker" back.

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  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,208
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    Hi @YawenMa,

    Between the untainted cp node and the worker node, the kube-scheduler may pick either of the two nodes for pod placement. In your case it seems to have picked the worker node.

    Keep in mind that some of your outputs will be slightly different than the ones from the lab guide - such as this scenario, IP addresses of pod, services, and nodes, port numbers, and some resource names.




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