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Nov 16 office hours to be covered on Nov 18 and 19


Due to scheduling conflicts, the office hours of Tuesday Nov 16 (LFS258) will be covered on Thursday Nov 18 and Friday Nov 19 during regular scheduled office hours starting at 10 AM CST (USA to change back to Central Standard Time on Nov 7).

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  • ok
    is possible get all office hours by email as Google Calendar links to ?

  • Hi @TheWebGuru,

    The office hours access information is sent in an email to learners enrolled in the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp program, but not in Google calendar format.


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,769

    Hi @TheWebGuru ,

    You can also find the office hours access information (along with other important details) in the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp Logistics course, which you have access to as part of the bootcamp courses.


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