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Could not fetch resource error for Lab1

Hi I'm keep seeing this error when I try to create openstack-01 VM for the first lab:

ERROR: (gcloud.compute.instances.create) Could not fetch resource:
- Required 'compute.images.useReadOnly' permission for 'projects/onap-177920/global/images/aarna-aio-openstack-train-centos-7-08062020-00'

I already requested my access through google form since more than 24 hrs.



  • any help on this from LF support, I'm not able to access the VMs

  • Hi @aasaleh ,
    It appears that you do not have permissions to create VM on the project that you are trying to (as per the error).
    Could you please let us know on which GCP project you are trying to create VM?.

    I will also verify your permission to retrieve the required image and get back to you.

  • HI @aasaleh , Please also share your email ID.

  • Hi @raghuramg sent to you in separate thread

  • Hi @aasaleh ,
    Could you please try re-creating the VM and let me know. I have enabled the required permissions for the image.

  • Hi @raghuramg thank you so much I was able to create the VM and started the lab activities


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