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Using MacOS for Lab?


Hi all,
Just curious. Has anyone used MacOS to work through all the labs without problem?
I am using Mac & like to save myself the trouble of using Ubuntu on virtualbox and some disk space...



  • Bobbijn
    Bobbijn Posts: 193


    Hello, Let's see if we can help out. The system configuration I use is Windows-based but another learner was having a similar issue, @matisalimba has a tread in the forum discussion of how he was able to use a MACOS. A suggestion would be to read through the tread. Also a good resource is:

    Keep in mind the system requirements:
    Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit operating system
    4 GB RAM
    25 GB hard disk space
    2 CPU cores**
    If you have a different operating system, it is possible to set up a development environment in a virtual machine or a cloud instance.


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