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A little dissapointed in the course material quality

This is just an in general feedback/discussion on the course material for "LFS258 Kubernetes Fundamentals class".
For quite a steep price for the course materials, these are some things that have been nagging me, that I'd just like to get off my chest, and discuss with other course participants.

  • We are working with "cutting edge" technology like Kubernetes which is in all sense a very modern technology approach, yet the learning labs are handed over as PDFs with all sorts of issues that makes following them a bit more cumbersome than they could have been. Yes, I know the tarballs include all files and that you should not really copy-paste all commands, but type them out yourself. Still, I would have expected course material for very modern technologies to be presented in a likewise modern way like with Markdown and code snippets etc. Even Microsoft does not use PDFs for this particular purpose.

  • Shell commands used in the labs are often shortnames of the actual full commands. This is very confusing for someone new to the technology (yes, we are doing the course to learn). Why would the course not stick to using full names for commands, and leave the shortcut-usage up to the student? Example: "kubectl get po" instead of "kubectl get pods"

Does anyone else have the same feeling and/or other things to add?


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