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Email list pane shows duplicate from and subject, but different messages


So I ran into a problem today with my Evolution setup. I have been using Evolution for years and never had any issues. Today, I am seeing what looks like duplicate copies of emails right next to each other. When I click on the lower of the two emails, it is the email listed with the subject shown, but when I click on the email above it, it shows a completely different email and subject in the preview pane below the list. This is connected to an IMAP email account and when I go to my webmail on the server in a browser, the emails show normally. I tried closing Evolution and renaming the evolution folder under /home//.local/share/ and restart Evolution, it creates a new Evolution folder under .local/share/ , but I am back to the same issue. I then tried uninstalling Evolution from the Ubuntu sofware list and completely re-installing it, but after doing that I thought I wouldd have to configure everything again, but it still retained my mail accounts and other data and just opened back up with the same problem. As I said, if I go to my webmail client in a browser, or just look up mail on my phone, that looks totally normal, so it is definitely something with Evolution that is doing this. Where aremail settings stored in Ubuntu so I can wipe that out anduninstall so that when I re-install, I have to do a new configuration of mail accounts. That at the moment seems like the only logical way to fix this at this point.

Thanks fo your help.


  • dbemowsk

    I got this fixed. I found the /home/<user>/.cache/evolution folder and renamed it. After that, evolution re-created it and it works.


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