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Setting up dev environment on an apple M1 macbook air

matisalimba Posts: 19
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Hello there, I'm just starting LDF272 and while setting up the development environment found out that Virtual Box doesn't support the apple M1 chip (ARM). The fabric installation script doesn't either, so I cannot install it directly on my laptop. I've explored UTM as a virtualization option (based on QEMU) but it runs quite poorly (extremely slow and buggy). Has anyone found a good solution to running fabric on apple M1? Thanks in advance.


  • Bobbijn
    Bobbijn Posts: 192

    The development environment requirements for the course are stated in the pre-requisites of the course . Here they are:
    The recommended configuration of a development environment for the course is the following:

    Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit operating system
    4 GB RAM
    25 GB hard disk space
    2 CPU cores**
    If you have a different operating system, it is possible to set up a development environment in a virtual machine or a cloud instance.

    Here is a link with some useful resources:
    Have you tried to set up the development environment using the cloud options?


  • matisalimba


    Didn't like UTM performance on my mac, too much VM lag. I was able to setup a Chromebook with ubuntu to use as the lab so I'm ok for now. (I didn't attempt the cloud option)

    Thanks for your reply @Bobbijn!

  • Bobbijn
    Bobbijn Posts: 192

    Hello, great to hear you are back on track, Keep learning!


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