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Lab 35.2. Adding a Static Hostname


Hi I have been doing this lab and for question 3. I have downloaded the hosts.txt file.

I believe that this link should be removed and a better resource should be created for the students.
Some of the links include xxxcupid etc.
I have screen hosted it fo you to see.
Please can you inform the class instructor to change question 3 to a better link or create an individual one and place it in the resource folder.

thank you


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    this is a throw it up for 5 minutes and then discard exercise, so the actual contents are neither a security risk or depend on whether or not some of the links contained therein are broken or not a good idea. It is designed just to show you can have such a file, nothing more. So it would be serve little value to replace it. If you have a better resource you would like to suggest as a drop in we could do that but it won't happen spontaneously as this file has been used for years without a problem (note the date is 2002 I believe.)


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