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LFCS exam Tips/Tricks


Hello folks,

Planing to take the LFCS exam at the end of the month, do you mind share any tips/tricks for my last preparation days ?
i will complete the course tomorrow but i still feel short about practice exercises/exams, do you have any ideas regarding this ?

Thanks in advance for your help and feedback.


  • cjclm7

    Hi there,

    I suggest you read the Candidate Handbook.

    Also consider this text (as examples of what NOT to do) from that document:

    Disseminating actual exam content by any means, including, but not limited to, web postings, formal or informal test preparation or discussion groups, chat rooms, reconstruction through memorization, study guides, or any other method, as well as providing exam content or information to any person not expressly authorized by LF to receive such content or information (including but not limited to an LF employee who is not part of the Certification Program staff)


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