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Unable to start my CKAD exam

My CKAD exam was scheduled today at 2:00pm IST but 4 hours before that i.e at 10:00am IST, the linuxfoundation portal was showing the exam status as 'Grading in Progress'. I raised ticket 4 hours before the exam but no one responded. Ticket is:


I waited from 1:45pm IST till 2:30pm IST but I was not able to see any Launch exam button on examslocal. Even no one from examslocal was available for support. Still not able to schedule/take my exam. Please resolve problem at the earliest.


  • @ Sumit: I am facing the same issue . were you able to take the exam

  • I am in the same situation. How did you solve this error ?

  • Same situation with me happened today for CKS :(

  • ronbutan
    ronbutan Posts: 1

    Same situation happened for my CKS. Scheduled for 28 Jun 2022 2pm GMT+8. A check on 28 Jun 2022 9am GMT+8 shows "Grading in progress". Grading happened before attempt. I raised a ticket at 919am GMT+8 and based on the support response of 8am - 8pm CT time, I am not hopeful of a successful attempt on my scheduled timing.

    The platform is buggy and this is not my only gripe. Even the post exam process is a mess, requiring support tickets for issues such as access to the digital certificates, dead links in the Linux Foundation Training Portal.

  • Now, I am experiencing with the same issue and my exam is scheduled 45 mins later.

    So, could you please someone help me resolve this before the exam starts?

    I recently created a support ticket but no answer yet. The ticket can be found here: https://jira.linuxfoundation.org/plugins/servlet/desk/portal/15/TCCS-72292

  • I got the same issue, has anyone got it resolved by somebody?


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