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Question 7.1 is a riddle. Have no QA been run on this course?

mje Posts: 12
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Does the exam contains riddles like this one?

A package folder has a package installed named foo, but there is also a foo.js file in the package folder. Another file called bar.js is in the package folder, bar.js is a sibling to foo.js. The bar.js file contains a require('foo') statement. Which module does bar.js load?

If the exam wants to test if the person understand how Node modules works, then show the directory listing. Why make it into a riddle? With phrases such as but there is also a the impression is that the author wants the person to fail rather then testing the persons skill.

This type of questions are unfair. It requires mathematical reasoning skills, and it does not have real world relation.

And the term sibling have not been defined. Only mentioned in exercise 7.2, Not to mention that the term package folder haven't been explained either. Even Google can find a explanation what it is.

Have no QA been run on this course?


  • davidmarkclements

    This training is aimed at preparing for real world scenarios, in real world scenarios you're often having a discussion - not looking at a well-prepared diagram. The question is complicated, because dependency management edge cases are complicated. It is, however, fully explained in the course material.

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