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LFS258 Training Feedback


Hi !

I would like to provide some very initial feedback about the LFS258 training and structure.
I am taking this training and noticed something that I would like to call out.
The theory is well introduced in the start of chapter 3 : Installation and configuration. The issue starts with the LABS. I see some concepts being mentioned in the LAB like endpoints, ClusterIP, LoadBalancer etc that are not introduced at the beginning making the learning experience a bit harder.
As a beginner, one the main issues I have is understanding the Networking Model used in kubernetes + calico and I would like that these concepts could be better explained in the theory.

This is just a feedback, not sure if this opinion is shared by others.



  • leopastorsdg

    @melchior Maybe this reply is a little late for you (sorry, I got to these forums only recently and hit your question/feedback unanswered).

    Just in case it could still be useful for you - or others, be aware that there is a Prerequisite section on the LFS258 Course Page:

    "Before starting this course, you should be familiar with:

    • Linux concepts and command line – We recommend Introduction to Linux, a free edX course
    • Package managers
    • Git and GitHub
    • We recommend Introduction to Kubernetes, a free edX course, as a good start for your Kubernetes journey"

    From there you can see two (free) recommended courses. Those would fill in the gaps you may have faced. If you already have some Linux experience, I would highly recommend the Introduction to Kubernetes on edX.



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