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Where can i find the soucre code of lab?


Hi folk,

i am newbie in LFW211. I try to follow the lab written in pdf and it said there is some lab source code for me to test run. However, i cant find it under resources. May i check how to get/download the lab source code?

For example: Lab pdf will say below but no source code can be downloaded....
The labs-1 folder contains an app.js file. Start app.js with Node in Inspect Mode, but with
the application immediately paused on the first line of executable code."

Thank you for your help


  • mstepien

    Please check Chapter 1 > Course Introduction > Course Resources to access the instructions.

    Thank you,
    The Linux Foundation Training Team

  • kelvinyeung2020

    OK. found it, tks a lot. How about the lab answer?

  • mstepien

    You are welcome. There are no lab answers available.


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