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Preliminary hardware support status report - one week before the release of Debian 11


See report here. We have ~400 computers tested on Debian 11 at the moment. 10% of them are probed from LiveUSBs, others are installed systems.

The main goal of the report is to make sure that we have not lost support for any hardware configuration classes. To achieve this, I compared it with the similar report for Debian 10 in order to find significant discrepancies. Good news that we've covered all hardware classes tested on Debian 10 and differences in statistical indicators are relatively small. Particularly, I don't see any noticeable regression in use of AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards (see discussion here). Either affected graphics cards are rare or people do not have problems with installing additional firmware packages.

Thanks to all for participating in the report! Looking forward to get more Debian hardware probes from the community to monitor hardware support status and trends.


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