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[lab 44.5] recovering a package from a medium

After asking a couple of irc channels, it seems the use nowadays is to have the network working and install the package from a repository. It seems live media don't have a full package tree these days.
At least, I didn't manage to complete this exercise with the iso medium of an openSuse and a Fedora running in a VM


  • coop
    coop Posts: 913

    First of all the exercise says "Red Hat -based systems" so that means it was not tested on openSUSE and it might mean RHEL or CentOS, although I agree Fedora should fall within the scope. Second there is nothing special about zsh; any other package could have been selected -- are you saying that there are no rpms on the install media?

    Note you would not have to do this for a package that is not important for the system to come up and running, and zsh would certainly not fit that bill. Perhaps it is a non-optimal choice. If you find there are any rpms on the install media that you can install the exercise is complete and fine. Congratulations on reaching the last exercise :)

  • Of course, in real case situations it wouldn't be to reinstall a tiny zsh... Maybe I missed something at getting into recovery mode, I'll need to retry.

    Thanks to you for the great course, I registered reluctantly but really enjoyed my time doing the lab exercises. If I have a chance I'll make you a bit of publicity. And you have me stew with a bunch of other courses already so see you there 👍

  • Hi @thomas.bucaioni ,

    There are systems that are not connected to internet, or not directly at least, for security reasons. Sometimes systems stops working and if networking is not working properly, you may need to use a rescue CD/DVD.


  • Hi @luisviveropena,
    Indeed, all systems need not to be online... The Debian-based distributions have a mount --cdrom option for this situation apparently.
    Best regards,

  • Hi @thomas.bucaioni ,

    I don't think "mount --cdrom" will work. You can see the man page for mount (section 8), so you can see how "--" is used. Also, for Debian you can see the following documentation:




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