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Question 7.1 The ordering service creates determinism and consistency in transactions. True or False

The answer that is considered correct by the author is True, though I disagree because I believe that the ordering service has nothing to do with determinism and consistency of transactions. Let me explain why. It's the role of validators to actually ensure transactions determinism due to utilization of the read/write sets, and the mechanism according to which they traverse all transactions in a block. One cannot call two separate transactions deterministic just because they still have to be ordered, and it's the responsibility of the ordering service in which order to put them in 1 or multiple blocks. If you want determinism, invoke the second transaction after the first is committed, or use a chaincode that performs both operations in a single transaction.

But unless the transactions are validated against the world state of each peer, policies, and are committed, there is no determinism in those transactions.


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