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LFD232 - All New Course Content Now Live (7/19/2021)



Today we have deployed an entirely updated content for the Cloud Foundry for Developers (LFD232) course. Please note that as a result, you no longer have access to the old course content. We apologize for any inconvenience this update may have caused.

The course is aimed at developers using the Cloud Foundry platform. It attempts to describe how to use Cloud Foundry as a developer and is a suitable preparation for the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer exam. It does not cover all aspects and features of Cloud Foundry. It is scoped to "typical" developer use cases. The course does not address the installation and operation of Cloud Foundry.

The topics covered in the course align with the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer exam domains and competencies, and are explored using a functional approach designed to build up useful practical knowledge. This method is designed to empower students to be successful with Cloud Foundry beyond just passing the exam.

To ensure you have access to the updated course content, please clear your cache.

We hope you enjoy the newly redesigned learning experience.

The Linux Foundation Training Team


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