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What distro in your opinion would be light weight enough not to eat up 32Gig hard drive on a laptop?


I have an ASUS I like that is small, light weight and been good to me to travel with for several yrs now, except for the small HD. Windows 10 is trying to update to much. I put this off for awhile, but now have lost internet browsing capability. I tried changing ssd not an option, moving McAfee, the only other big software on c: to expansion with intent to going to window 7 pro: not an option. Windows solution is to use external drive to basically bypass updating, what is the point in updating then? Maybe an option for later. I thought Linux might be an option, I have very little experience with it. Thought I would pose the question to the community in a category or two and here your opinion. Which distro if any would renew my laptops usefulness?


  • sanchil
    sanchil Posts: 6

    On Win 10 ditch the McCafe and other antivirus software. Keep your win 10 security updated and you will have no issues. Are you asking about dual boot or doing a fresh install? Linux is pretty much a developers software and is quite stable. You can do all of the normal browsing and office work on it like Windows and more. I made a switch to Linux as my main os 5 years ago and have never had any issues. You can always use virtualbox and run a copy of win10 if you like. Get a 128gb ssd at least and go with either Linux Mint or openSuse LEAP 15.3. Even if you want to continue with Win10 then get a bigger capacity drive and shift your os to it either using mini tool partition or doing a fresh install of Win10 on a new drive using the windows recovery option. Either ways avoid using an antivirus software...


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