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jry5a Posts: 2

I'm just amazed at how how slow and unintelligent Linux is. Yet they say it will speed up a PC. My PC has an Intel Core processor i9 10850k 10 core 20 threads, Cougar AQUA 280 RGB Liquid CPU Cooler, 32GB RAM, Twin Samsung 970 Evo plus M.2 SSD. Asus motherboard. Just upgraded Linux. It was a 2 3GB download. After the download it was utterly painful watching Linux terminal for over an hour install the update. Plus it downloaded like 27 different languages that I don't need. And I'm sure it will leave my system in an unbootable state as the updates have done to me for 9 months now. Linux is always trying to uninstall all the Intel firmware and replace it with AMD. Then it gets confused and attempts to start the intraframs??? from the swap partition. Linux is completely clueless, useless, painfully slow and counter productive. My phone OS is 28gb with the factory apps, no apps I've downloaded. And it installs an update in minutes. My android watch with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM is way smarter and much much faster than Linux. Hey LINUX??? The 1970's called and they want their operating system back!!! Linux has wasted so much of my time and expensive data, as well as wasting the enormous potential of my PC. No wonder Linux is distributed for free.


  • techinfozone

    Hi there
    I hope every thing is fine. I am sorry if you face such problems, this is because the Linux is not for you to speed up the PC and to just run the commands which you don't know what they do like apt-get update / upgrade.
    This will definitely install every thing they want to install. Can I ask you what you want to do with Linux?
    Gaming or web surfing?
    Brother Linux is little bit complex for doing this kind of job. For Linux you have to be little bit professional about the terminal because it is more like DOS mode.
    You said it is very painful to watch the installation of update, can you tell me what command you run and why?
    Because most of the things Linux does update with your internet connections not with your CPU,GPU or SSD etc. It load quickly if you set timer you see that.
    If you install Linux over window I mean in same partition Linux will remove all the firmware because it doesn't use windows firmware.
    I hope you get the better solution.



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