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New course labs query

this is my installation using latest labs there were some warning messages for master node installation
[preflight] Running pre-flight checks
[WARNING Hostname]: hostname "cp" could not be reached
[WARNING Hostname]: hostname "cp": lookup cp on server misbehaving
[preflight] Pulling images required for setting up a Kubernetes cluster
[preflight] This might take a minute or two, depending on the speed of your internet connection
[preflight] You can also perform this action in beforehand using 'kubeadm config images pull'
[certs] Using certificateDir folder "/etc/kubernetes/pki"
[certs] Generating "ca" certificate and key
[certs] Generating "apiserver" certificate and key
[certs] apiserver serving cert is signed for DNS names [cp kubernetes kubernetes.default kubernetes.default.svc kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local] and IPs []
[certs] Generating "apiserver-kubelet-client" certificate and key
[certs] Generating "front-proxy-ca" certificate and key
[certs] Generating "front-proxy-client" certificate and key
[certs] Generating "etcd/ca" certificate and key
[certs] Generating "etcd/server" certificate and key

post this when i ran taints i was expected to get node-role.kubernetes.io/cp:NoSchedule but i got result as

Taints: node-role.kubernetes.io/master:NoSchedule

just wanted to know if this can cause problem further down with cp naming or something.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,016

    Hi @santoshsub123,

    The output of the kubectl describe nodes | grep -i taint command should tell you what taint to remove in the following step. The output may be similar to this node-role.kubernetes.io/master:NoSchedule, in which case the removal command would need to be kubectl taint nodes --all node-role.kubernetes.io/master-


  • Hi @chrispokorni thanks for response. i understand how to remove the taint. i shared the implication of "cp" warnings i got during installation and what taint should be referred as as per lab guide. my main thing is will this cause a problem later during labs. when i do kubectl get nodes i get name of master node as "cp".

  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,016

    Hi @santoshsub123,

    "cp" is the new hostname of the control-plane node.


  • leifsegen
    leifsegen Posts: 10

    There's a workaround by changing the hostname within the VM. But I got around this by just making a new VM named 'cp' instead of 'master'.


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