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exam simulation (killer.sh)

Hi, on June 2, there was an announcement that Linux Foundation K8s certification now includes exam simulator (killer.sh). How can I access it?


  • fcioanca
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    Hi @sergeizak
    This is available only for new enrollments. If you enrolled in the course after June 2nd, you should have access to it from your dashboard. For more information, please reach out to the Customer Support Team at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org.

  • sergeizak
    sergeizak Posts: 20

    Thanks for quick response Flavia.

    However, this link says that it's also available for existing, non-expired registrations


    Anyone who registers for CKA, CKAD, or CKS beginning today will have immediate access to the simulator. Individuals who have an existing, non-expired registration for one of these exams who have not yet sat for both of their two exam attempts will receive access on a rolling basis – beginning with those who have the earliest registration expiration dates – as follows:

    June 02, 2021 – All open eligibilities expiring within 1 month of June 2, 2021
    June 08, 2021 – All open eligibilities expiring within 2 months of June 02, 2021

  • fcioanca
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    Hi @sergeizak,
    The forum is used exclusively for the LFS258-related questions, and is monitored by the training team. For all exam-related questions, and enrollment related questions, including access to additional services such as the exam simulator, the Customer Support Team has the answers and will assist you.


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