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the exam and training staffs are different groups


regards https://forum.linuxfoundation.org/discussion/comment/30336#Comment_30336
my questions:
1. Where is the exam staffs group/forum/email/whatever?
2. Where is the training staffs group/forum/email/whatever?


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,930

    @armbel The forums are used exclusively for course-related questions. Each course has its own forum. In addition, we also have the high-level bootcamp forums, but again, they are used only for training. As far as certification questions go, as well as any administrative/purchasing questions, they must be directed to the Customer Support Team, as advised before.

  • armbel
    armbel Posts: 9

    are these answers correct?
    1. The exam staffs can be contacted via Customer Support Team: https://trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org
    2. The training staffs can be contacted via https://forum.linuxfoundation.org

  • mstepien
    mstepien Posts: 439

    Yes @armbel, this is correct.


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