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[NFS] how to have a router share a directory in its file system?


The goal would be to use the command sudo mount -t nfs myrouteripaddress:/shdir /mnt/shdir​ on the router to mount a particular directory.
My router is an old PC converted into a firewall, and there's plenty of space on the drives that is not used. So far, I send files there with the scp command, but mounting an extra file system would more convenient.
Any doc about sharing a directory in a private network?


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    make sure you have nfs installed and enabled on your server. That would depend on your distro and kernel etc. Also you might have to make sure your firewall is properly configured both on your local machine and the server. You will also have to edit /etc/exports on the server. There is nothing special about this setup if you know how to use nfs. Just look at standards nfs documentation that is all over the place including man pages and the course itself

  • thomas.bucaioni

    The router running under CentOs7 is configured. Now the client (under Arch...)

  • thomas.bucaioni

    And the Arch client is configured too... It's easier than I expected: this course is more efficient than I had first imagined, hehe
    The router is in Raid1 already, next step is to set up an automatic backup


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