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[quotaon] external quota files on ext4 are deprecated

thomas.bucaionithomas.bucaioni Posts: 26
edited June 6 in LFD201 Class Forum

Typing sudo quotaon -av, the system answers:

quotaon: Your kernel probably supports ext4 quota feature but you are using external quota files. Please switch your filesystem to use ext4 quota feature as external quota files on ext4 are deprecated.


  • coopcoop Posts: 717

    No such messages on the systems I run. Without telling us what OS, version, and filesystem setup you have, your comment cannot be evaluated.

  • It's arch, this must be the reason. But on Ubuntu and CentOs7 it goes well indeed

  • coopcoop Posts: 717

    Archlinux and derivatives are not tested as they are not the main Enterprise distributions and have many day-to-day differences. If you are enough of an expert to run Gentoo or Archlinux, fine, but we are never going to analyse or support the differences. I personally like Archlinux and try to stay somewhat familiar with it, but make not even the slightest attempt to keep courses informed on it as it would be too much work for too small an audience. Have fun.

  • thomas.bucaionithomas.bucaioni Posts: 26
    edited June 14

    My graphics card is Nvidia and Arch is a bit unstable anyway so at some point, I'll need to change... The installation has been very hard, but afterwards, it doesn't take expert skills on a daily basis

  • coopcoop Posts: 717

    It's hard to enough to keep up with rpm and deb much less emerge and pacman etc. And there are some quirks I find a pain to set up and don't bother with for customizing desktop, keyboard etc. It also is opaque about how it organizes multiple kernels when it does upgrades etc, which is not cool. But it is a good distro. Greg KH uses it I found out.

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