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Lab 10.1 - VNF Config-Modify - Error in connecting to APPC

The documentation is very confusing. I am using the latest doc dated: V2021-05-19 shown in the bottom left corner of the page
the first step is

Click onMyVNFs

following by
login to VNF and TYPE = vfw-service-01/vfw_pg_01 0
showing this without screens is so confusing and time-consuming, its only eating into my GCP billing.

I do have a successful login to https://:30289/index.html#/admin

Meanwhile, somehow worked it to move forward and when doing SAVE ALL TO APPC, I get error for Error in connecting to APPC


  • Hi can you try this url in the browser https://:30211
    30211 port is for cdtproxy which is used for sending getdesign request to appc for store artifact in appc db.
    Your browser has to memorize the certificate for cdtproxy first, then cdt can communicate with appc


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