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Lab 4.3 Configuring OpenStack for ONAP


My MAchine: Windows 10

using GCP SDK:
running the command:
gcloud compute ssh --zone us-central1-f openstack-01 -- -N -D localhost:5000
opens up putty connection but: shows this:
Using username "sonim".
Authenticating with public key "DESKTOP-3JPIIIF\sonim@DESKTOP-3JPIIIF"

(sonim is windows username)

Horizon url

but nothing opens up on the browser


  • sonimanish0604

    an update: I opened allow_https for openstack and I can https but using Public IP address on the browser

  • sundararaja25

    Hi @sonimanish0604 , I'm also facing the same issue. from Mac I'm using the command :
    MacBook-Pro:bin sundar$ gcloud compute ssh --zone us-central1-f OpenStack-01 -- -N -D localhost:5000
    it's not showing anything in the screen.

    I have enabled the firewall settings also . Please find the details below :

  • raghuramg
    raghuramg Posts: 73

    Hi @sundararaja25 .
    Could you please try below command.

    ssh -i [path to aarna.pem file]/aarna.pem -D localhost:5000 aarna@[OpenStack-VM-External-IP]

    Then Enable Proxy in your firefox like below.

    Then Access with the VM Internal IP: https://[VM-Internal-IP]


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