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Lab 9.3 - question on editing of 'configmap coredns'


Hi- When editing the coredns configmap for the second time in step#12 I was presented with a word wrapped 'Corefile' section, with a bunch of newline characters '\n', instead of being on separate lines. This made it impossible for me to complete the task without copying the text and putting into notepad++ using YAML format, and modifying it to look as it is presented in the lab guide.

When first editing this in step#8 it went into edit mode without any '\n' characters, with respective statements on their own lines. This word wrap only affected the 'Corefile' section. Hope this makes sense. Is there a way to get the editor to 'not' present these '\n' characters and instead present it as shown in the guide as initially seen in step#8. This isn't a show stopper as I got through it, but it was a pain.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,165

    Hi @jcremp77,

    Some environments may treat config files differently than others, in terms of parsing the file during output and when the file is being saved. Typically the OS, CLI text editor, GUI text editors, and/or the CLI tool may cause such issues.


  • jcremp77
    jcremp77 Posts: 37

    Hi @chrispokorni - Thank you for explaining this.


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