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Containers affirmation Resource

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I would like to know if there is any resources, books, papers or journals sustaining this affirmation. Is there a way to know who "owns" the affirmation?

Most times, to ease the understanding of the concept, a container is compared to a regular Virtual Machine - which is a result of full virtualization. A container, however, is the product of several OS-level virtualization features of the Linux kernel used in conjunction to build a lightweight isolated environment. These environments provide secure runtimes for either simple scripts to full-sized web-servers. It is quite obvious why containers are compared to VMs: they have their own process trees, network interfaces, users, root, file systems, just to name a few reasons. There are quite a few differences as well, between VMs and containers: containers use the host kernel and are bound to boot the host OS only, and are processes running on the host system managed individually or in groups."


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    Hi @jcavalcante,

    Thank you for your feedback. The course content is available on the learning platform, and it is not distributed in book, journal, or paper format. The lab materials, however, can be downloaded in PDF format.



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