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Pulp Repository Help - Snapshot creation


I want to implement pulp repository infrastructure.

I have installed pulp master and admin client in one server.Then i have installed pulp consumer/Client in another machine.

I have created one centos repository called centos7 in pulp server.Then i have binded the client to that repository.Now pulp.repo has been created in the client server and installed one package through pulp.

Now I am trying to figure out the best way to have multiple snapshots of a single repository on Pulp. This should be done in some way that allows the client machines to patch or install rpms pointing to an specific “version” or snapshot of the single repository.

Also is there any group concept in pulp.so that we can group the servers in the specific group and then if we keep assign or remove clients from that group for easy administration.

Please share with me your views......


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