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macongambill Posts: 1
edited May 2021 in LFD102 Class Forum

Posting this primarily for anyone looking at this forum while looking into taking this/other courses listed on the LFCA learning path. Posting secondarily to thank Jerry Cooperstein (and anyone else involved in putting the course together).

I found this course to have been very well put-together and feel it was an important part of my preparation for the LFCA exam. I've found myself drawing on its content when answering questions from friends and family that amount to "Why in the world are you studying Linux?" or "How do you expect to find a job working with software people give away for free?"

Also: I much prefer the interface of LF-hosted (as opposed to edX-hosted) courses. The LF-hosted courses are much easier to navigate, and they don't pester you about paying money to take their "knowledge check" quizzes. The interface for this course provides helpful organizational features (e.g., the sidebar) and actually feels like it's there to help me navigate, especially compared to edX, where it takes me about as long to find and load a section as it does to actually read it.


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