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Outdated documentation in "Compiling a Module"

hritik Posts: 5
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The page says

Now navigate down until you see Multimedia support and then follow the Media test drivers option. You will finally see vimc there

It was not true for me. I was able to find vimc in

    -> Device Drivers                                          
      -> Multimedia support (MEDIA_SUPPORT [=m])               
        -> Media drivers                                       
(1)       -> V4L test drivers (V4L_TEST_DRIVERS [=y])          

Also, in the same file, it says

If you would like to change it, scroll down and this will highlight the M, at which point you can change it by just pressing Enter, which will toggle through all three options for this driver.

This didn't work for me either. I was able to change the option via the Y,N and M keys though.

Maybe the documentation is outdated or I'm missing something. Can anyone please verify ?


  • ShuahKhanLF
    ShuahKhanLF Posts: 149

    Thanks. Yes this needed update after vimc move. I will update and make correction. Thanks for finding and reporting it.


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