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Planning for CKA - Domain Review Items

Hello there,

I just finish to read and practice Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258) then I will schedule CKA exam very soon.
Reading the Exam Domain Review, one enforce us to make bookmark.

What does it mean? Is that really bookmark under Chrome that could be reused during exam? Or other bookmarks I misunderstood?



  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,028

    Hi @GreeGTheGeek,

    That is correct, the suggestion is to bookmark, in the Chrome browser, important pages from resources allowed during the exam.


  • mkturner
    mkturner Posts: 6

    @GreeGTheGeek The reason for saving bookmarks is because the exam allows you to keep an extra tab open for official k8s documentation. ONLY official Kubernetes documentation, official Kubernetes Github, and official Kubernetes blog. Be careful not to bookmark any third party links which could invalidate your exam. In a way it can be called an "Open book" test. More info.

    Granted, it is not optimal to check docs very often. The exam format is 2 hrs / 20 questions so it averages to about 6 minutes a question. Thus it is not possible to live in the documentation. But it is there if you need to check command syntax, etc.

  • Hello @chrispokorni @mkturner Do we require to complete LFS253 and LFS261 to sit/prepare for CKA certification?

  • Hi @gaurav4978,

    Completion of LFS253 and LFS261 is not required when preparing for the CKA exam. However, they are recommended as the knowledge gained from these two courses may help solidify concepts covered in LFS258 in preparation for the cert exam.


  • Thank you Chris!


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