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Endless loop Obtaining default signing identity


Hi together,

currently i am not able to proceed the next page after LAB 4.1. after starting docker-compose -f docker-compose-simple.yaml up i am running into an endless loop with already mentioned in the discussion title.

The related logs are in the attachement. Maybe someone is able to help me so that i can continue with the course.

Best wishes


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,935

    @fimas123 Are you having problems navigating in the course, to the next page using the next arrows, or with the lab exercises?

  • fimas123
    fimas123 Posts: 7

    Hi fcioanca the description "next page after LAB 4.1" was only for location where i stucked :). So execution of lab exercises is correct, yes. i am not able to execute the page after LAB 4.1.

    Thanks for your answer and i hope now u can follow my request + maybe able to help me :) best wishes

  • Bobbijn
    Bobbijn Posts: 192


    Hello, Lets see if we can get solve this issue. When you start Lab 4.1 The first command is to enter the CLI container with the
    _** # docker exec -it cli bash_ Command. I am assuming this is where your endless loop starts. Are you able run the next command to print the
    environmental variables values to the console to make sure everything is set properly?

    The expected Outcome is:
    **peer0.org1.example.com:7051 Org1MSP


    If you cannot get to this step we might want to look at your docker installation is it Version 1.14.0 or older? Also in the previous lab, did you get any errors when completing the exercise on Starting the Basic network ? Lab 4.1 starts with the assumption
    that the Basic Network is up and running.

    You could also try the solution @Mmahwish posted on January 21 of changing the timeout time, but I am not sure how successful that technique was.

    HTTP request took too long to complete. Retry with --verbose to obtain debug information. If you encounter this issue regularly because of slow network conditions, consider setting COMPOSE_HTTP_TIMEOUT to a higher value (current value: 60)

    Let me know if this helps, Bobbi

  • fimas123
    fimas123 Posts: 7

    Hi @Bobbijn and thanks for your answer. I am able to print the environmental variables.
    The endless loop starts with the command "docker-compose -f docker-compose-simple.yaml up" in the page "Chaincode Development in Dev Mode".. Sometimes it comes to an endless loop and sometimes i get a "HTTP request" error...

  • fimas123
    fimas123 Posts: 7

    Hi @Bobbijn,

    i would be grateful if you could answer my question :)

  • Bobbijn
    Bobbijn Posts: 192

    @fimas123. hello sorry you are still experiences difficulties. I was going over your issues and it seems you might be mixing the labs with the text book examples. In Lab 4.1 after you verify your environmental variable, the next step is to install the simple chain code. The labs follow a step by step procedure. The text book work, The Chaincode Lifecycle, Chaincode Development in Dev Mode reviews commands but are not meant as steps to follow in the lab section.
    Hope this helps, Bobbi

  • IlyaPatotski

    Hi @fimas123,

    docker-compose -f docker-compose-simple.yaml up starts all containers defined in docker-compose-simple.yaml and aggregates their output into a terminal window. You shouldn't expect this command to end without a keyboard interuption. Basically, you are facing an expected behaviour of the command above. To spin up container in the background, -d flag is used.

    When working in chaincode dev mode, one terminal is left open for a while with logs printed from all the containers started by docker-compose -f docker-compose-simple.yaml up. You should open another terminal window to build and start a chaincode and one more to use it. Please, follow the instructions in the Chaincode development in Dev Mode section carefully. By the end of this section, you should have three open terminal windows.

    Best regards,


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