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What was your experience with JSNAD?

ialixandroaeialixandroae Posts: 2
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Hello everybody,

For those who have taken the exam, I'd like to ask you how was you experience and what recommendations you have?

I just finished the LFW211 course, but I feel like going through it is not enough for the exam, so right now I'm re-reading the course materials for each chapter/module and I'm creating small exercises where I'm testing and exploring it.

I'd also like to mention that I had the chance to participate in the new preview testing environment, and it was a huge challenge! I was using CenOS and those key bindings from a Mac, so the keyboard experience was a mess, and I also had issues with the VM size/resolution inside the browser and with code completion inside VS Code which simply did not work.

My problem is that I can't really quantify or estimate if I'm ready or not, especially reading some impressions and discussions here on the forum where most said they failed their 1st try...

Apart from the main question, I'd also like to ask:

  • At what point did you know you were ready for the exam - from a technical point of view?
  • Apart from the course offered by OpenJS , did you use other study materials?
  • Were those 2 hours enough for you?
  • Did you manage to finish all the exercises?
  • What is the difficulty of the exercises?
  • And I'm also curious if ALL libraries from NodeJS are requested for the exam or only what is in the curriculum? (for example, http, net, cluster, worker threads, zlib libraries don't appear as needed for the exam...)

Thanks so much!


  • hey @ialixandroae I'm the author of the material and the examinations

    Bullets answered in order

    • that's a very difficult thing to know. Remember though, there's a free retake, so if you're not as ready as you thought and you don't pass then you'll have a better idea of any additional prep before the retake
    • My one recommendation would be familiarise yourself with the Node.js docs
    • It's a tight two hours, be sure not to get too lost in a question because that can hurt you
    • From analysis, some people do, some don't
    • Ranging from easy to hard, with the majority at medium level. Still difficult to quantify, but we're talking on a scale of "upper intermediate ability"
    • The curriculum topics map 1:1 with the exam.
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