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LFS216- How to add the 3 Free Tier Instances to guest Ubuntu 18.04 on Oracle Virtual 6.1.18 on W10.


Hi everybody!
Someone can instruct how I can add the 3 instances to Ubuntu 18.04 for the Course LFS216.
I connected one by one and downloaded them by Remote SSH client. The instances did not show nothing wrong,
but I could not add them to my system, even using this script; $ ./ready-for.sh --install LFS216.
Thank you!


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    the ready-for.sh script is run only after you ser up the VM. it does not add them to your system. more detail is needed if you hope to get help

  • Helio
    Helio Posts: 27

    Hi Coop: Post 698, LFS216
    I get the AWS EC2 3 instances connected one at the time using 3 Terminals cmd line: ssh i ... But, I ran the Script ready-for.sh on Guest Machine Ubuntu 18.04.5 and extract Virtual CentOS.vmdk by using a pre existing Ubuntu 18.04.5 by VirtualBox hosting on Windows 10, after the Script ready-for.sh asked what Virtual Machine to use with 2 Options: [None | CentOS7], then one time I optioned for CentOS7, which I have already extracted, then it started to Downloading, I do not know why, because the VM CentOS7 was crunning, and said system was ready, but with 4 fails: 3 for CPUs: (20000 Bogos, 2 Cores at least, and not Capabilities svm|vmx, and fail for Memory, only 4Gb). Also othertimes I optioned for both VM CentOS | None, then the script said the system was not ready.

    Here is the System Configuration:
    Host Windows 10,
    Hypervisor Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.18 | 20
    4 Guests:
    1-Ubuntu 18.04.5 plus CentOS7.vmdk extracted which use the same Ubuntu 18.04.5,
    3-CentOS8, this system, any installation I try todo asked for CD Media.
    4-openSUSE Leap 15.1 each run one at time.

    Host Windows 10: 2 Cores 4 CPUs, 12 GB Memory, 1TB HD
    Guests each is set up with 2 Processes, 4Gb Memory, 120GB HD.
    One at the time, their run well, except yum on at CentOs systems, I have to use dnf.
    Ah, about the Code of the Course LFS265, it is gone, which one replace it?

    I will appreciate your answering.
    Thank You.

  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    .... oops forgot to hit "post"

    In LFS216 we use two machines one called main and one called secondary for most exercises. We strongly recomend using the pre-created VM's available from the Linux Foundation. The exercise for Chapter 2 has instructions for setting up the environment. Currently CentOS8 is recomended for the lab exercises. When the two machines are up, please run the ready-for.sh script that should be in the /home/student/LFT directory on each VM, please select "yes" for loading the SOLUTIONS and RESOURCES files.


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