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LFD103 - Updated course version now live (4.22.2021)



LFD103 was updated today. Smaller updates have been made throughout the entire course, however, we have also added 2 new chapters: Chapter 12 - Debugging Basics and Chapter 14 - Frequently Asked Questions.

To ensure you have access to the latest updates, please clear your cache before accessing the course.

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    Hello @fcioanca & @ShuahKhanLF Piyush here, I've found a typo in the course. If I'm wrong please do correct me on it.
    08.Writing Your First Kernel Patch
    Making Changes to a Driver

    Configure as a module:

    • Configure CONFIG_USB_VIDEO_CLASS= y m
    • Recompile your kernel and install. Please note that you don't have to reboot your system. You can load your newly installed module.

    To build as module we must configure it as m/M and not y.


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