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How ensuring the application’s portability and flexibility minimize developers concerns?


IT engineers and developers are most concerned about their applications, but they should not neglect the importance of the application’s environment as well. Application centric environments ensure an application’s efficiency, performance, and responsiveness to external factors such as load spikes and in response the application scales accordingly. Such concerns are minimized once IT engineers ensure the application’s portability and flexibility, that the application is capable of running on any environment without the need to make any changes to the application’s source code.

How ensuring the application’s portability and flexibility minimize the concerns mentioned above? Need more precisions.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,224

    Hi @franck,

    The traditional development process is tightly coupled with the infrastructure and environment where the application is expected to run. It is the developer's responsibility to build an application to run on a single environment, to be self aware and scale when needed. This is the case of monolithic type applications, however, it is no longer the case of modern microservices. While application developers focus on decoupling microservices from the environment itself, they work closely with platforms that support multi-instance microservices (scalability), flexibility to allow for configuration and customization at runtime, and portability that allows one application to run on multiple environments without any changes in the source code. It becomes much easier for a developer to maintain a singe code base for an application.


  • franck
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    Hi @chrispokorni,
    Thank you for your response, it's more clear now.


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